Why Get Married In The Yarra Valley?

Riverstone Estate

If you currently live in Victoria or reside somewhere else in Australia you must have heard from the amazing wedding venues situated in the Yarra Valley.

The Yarra Valley is famous for its beautiful landmarks and extraordinary variety of, wineries. Some of our most favourite wineries include: ‘The Dominique Portet,’ ‘Stone of the Yarra Valley,’‘The Riverstone Estate,’ and ‘The Farm Yarra Valley.’

These wineries all accomodate for beautiful weddings, big or small. They also include the best and most outstanding chapels for couples! Their receptions are spacious and accommodate to the best food and of course, wine! They also have the most amazing backdrops for stunning and out of this world photos and films.

Most venues in the Yarra Valley also provide accomodation, which is a fantastic add-on; especially if you’re going to party a little too hard! Accomodation can also be a great add-on if guests are coming from far away.

The Yarra Valley actually gives you all necessities that you need for your wedding day!
The Yarra Valley also provides for smooth wedding planning, as they have everything in one location. Which means less stress and overwhelming feelings when planning the biggest day of your life! Your Ceremony, Photoshoot and Reception can all be in one location; which also saves you a great amount of time on the day. Not only will it save time, it’ll save you some extra cash as you won’t need transportation to get you from one venue to another.

So, when considering where you want your wedding venue to be, we would certainly recommend having a look at the variety of wineries in the Yarra Valley.

S.P. Films.

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