Faux Fur Themed Portrait/ Fashion Photoshoot!

This photoshoot was super amazing and loving all around! I decided to utilise a light beige backdrop to seperate my subject and background. As Josh was contrasting between brown and grey, I thought using a lighter backdrop with some green hues would compliment well; especially as he was wearing faux fur (having a lighter backdrop would fit well into the coldness of the outfit). Additionally, I had two strip lights with a green tint on both sides, behind Josh. I also used a hard light source as the main light, which created those defined shadows on the backdrop itself. This then too added some warmth to the images; which I believe was important, as it in a way acted as sunlight. I was just imagining Josh in a very cold place in the world where the sunlight was harshly shining through; building on both cold and hot feelings. The poses I of course wanted to be extravagant, as it not only makes the shadows more interesting, I believe it also adds a dramatic emotion that ties in well with cold and hot feelings. Overall, I love how the images turned out!

Check out what I created…

Faux Fur Themed Portrait/ Fashion Photoshoot!

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