How To Get Married During COVID In Melbourne?

Wondering how to tie the knot during this unforeseen pandemic? If you’re a couple who finds themselves having to change their initial wedding plans due to lockdown, we deeply sympathise. Thus, we want to do our part to help provide a few resources to guide you through this difficult time. As you scroll through you’ll find helpful tips for planning a COVID wedding and how you and your partner can safely work around the restrictions. It’s definitely not what you dreamt your day would be like, but we hope these possible solutions give you a spark of joy as you continue to plan your special day.

Due to the effects of coronavirus, S.P. Films recommends all to adhere to the regulations and guidelines put in place by local and national governments. S.P. Films strongly encourages everyone to make decisions about events and travel that are in the interest of their personal and the public’s health and wellbeing.

Our top recommendations on how to get married during COVID:

  1. Live stream your wedding ceremony
  2. Plan your reception and party for later
  3. Have your wedding filmed and sent to guests straight after
  4. Plan an intimate elopement ceremony
  5. Have your guests celebrate from inside their cars with a parade
  6. Make your postponed wedding a vow renewal

Live streaming your wedding ceremony!

If you’re still eager in wanting to have your closest people to be apart of your wedding day, you could live-stream your ceremony! Using a video conferencing service like Zoom or even Social Media can be a great way for family and friends to be apart of your big day, virtually! The better option would always be hiring a professional who has the best technology to bring forward a great live streaming service. If you choose to live-stream your ceremony, be sure to think through the logistics before your wedding:

  1. Make sure you or someone else who you’ve put in charge sets up a free Zoom account prior to the wedding day – this goes for other Social Media apps too. If you’ve hired a professional this is a step you wouldn’t have to worry about.
  2. The free account on Zoom has a limit of 40-minute meetings, so make sure that if the ceremony does go for longer you have a second link that everyone can press on.
  3. Make sure that the guests on Zoom actually know how to use Zoom.

Postpone the party but still get married!

This is a great way to still be able to tie the knot; especially if a certain date holds a particular significance for both of you. You and your love can still exchange vows, rings and seal it with a kiss, even during the coronavirus outbreak. If you’re still wanting to celebrate with your best people, you deserve that and are able to when restrictions lift! You can plan the most extravagant reception and party of all time when everything is back to normal; just imagine!

Have your wedding filmed and sent to family and friends!

You can still have your wedding ceremony filmed and sent to your family and friends straight after – making sure that they didn’t miss a thing of your wedding day! This is quite similar to live streaming, but you’ll be able to treasure and keep the video, forever! (it’ll also give you a great HD recording of your entire ceremony) – making family and friends feel as if they were actually there on the day.

Social distancing because of coronavirus: how your wedding guests can be involved safely.

S.P. Films acknowledges that guidelines vary from regional and metropliton areas. Please comply with all local and federal ordinances that have been put in place at this time.

Besides joining virtually at your wedding ceremony, there are some creative ways for your wedding guests to be a part of your day. If gatherings less than ten people are allowed where you live, you could still have your close family or friends present for your wedding ceremony. Another option that we alluded to earlier is to have your wedding guests wait in their cars in the parking lot, and as soon as you walk outside after your ceremony your guests can celebrate with you, with signs, honking horns and cheers. Another option is to set up a “parade” route of sorts. After you get married, you can drive around town by your friends’ and families’ homes, and they could wave at you from inside or celebrate with you from their driveway.

Still have your wedding ceremony during coronavirus!

If you’re facing roadblocks like the lack of a marriage license, a closed courthouse, and cancelled vendors, we are so sorry. We want you to know that if your heart is set on getting married on the date you dreamed of, then those roadblocks should not stop you from getting married! You should still have sweet moments getting ready that day, a ceremony that is meaningful and reflects your personalities and celebrate your love together with friends and family by your side! We’ll get there, let’s stay positive!
We hope these ideas have been helpful for you during this difficult time of quarantine and unknowns. If you have any questions or need to talk through logistics with someone, we’re here to help!
Wedding Venues we recommend who are doing their best during these unforeseen times!

Wedding Vendors we recommened who are doing their best during these unforeseen times!

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