Horse Themed Fashion Photoshoot!

Straight off the bat, horses and animals in general are extremely difficult to work with and requires an enormous amount of patience. I wanted to do something with horses since last year and I finally got to organise it this year; from organising a hairdresser to finding a perfect day (where the weather was good) to go up to St Andrew’s to do this shoot with Rachel (the model) and the horses. Additionally, I wanted to do a brown colour scheme that incorporated a bit of black and a light brown colour. I got the perfect suit and then decided to utilise a crazy and extravagant hairstyle, which Mieke Grills (the hairdresser) could do extremely well! Which, I was super excited about. We also incorporated a black and light brown ribbon in the models hair, just to give it an extra spice. The only problem we unfortunately faced was that unknowingly Rachel (the model) feared horses; which she didn’t know about until we started working with the horses on the day of the shoot. This of course ruined the visions I had for poses and potential shots I was hoping to capture. Nonetheless, we had to adapt to the situation and even though I was frustrated and disappointed we managed and got the shots; which came out better than I had expected when first learning upon Rachel’s (the model’s) fear of horses. Not only was this photoshoot a huge learning experience, it gave insight on how you can adapt to difficult situations and still get creative! Thanks to everyone who was involved and making this photoshoot and reality.

Check out what I created…

Horse Themed Fashion Photoshoot!

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