Horse Themed Fashion Photoshoot!

Straight off the bat, horses and animals in general are extremely difficult to work with and requires an enormous amount of patience. I wanted to do something with horses since last year and I finally got to organise it this year; from organising a hairdresser to finding a perfect day (where the weather was good)Continue reading “Horse Themed Fashion Photoshoot!”

Valentine Portrait/ Fashion Photoshoot!

This photoshoot was organised only days before and actually shot on Valentines Day! I really wanted to incorporate the Valentines colours of reds, pinks and tints of both those colours. I thus decide to use a white backdrop. I used one main source of light and a reflector, which acted as a fill light and separated the subjectContinue reading “Valentine Portrait/ Fashion Photoshoot!”

How To Get Married During COVID In Melbourne?

Wondering how to tie the knot during this unforeseen pandemic? If you’re a couple who finds themselves having to change their initial wedding plans due to lockdown, we deeply sympathise. Thus, we want to do our part to help provide a few resources to guide you through this difficult time. As you scroll through you’llContinue reading “How To Get Married During COVID In Melbourne?”

Faux Fur Themed Portrait/ Fashion Photoshoot!

This photoshoot was super amazing and loving all around! I decided to utilise a light beige backdrop to seperate my subject and background. As Josh was contrasting between brown and grey, I thought using a lighter backdrop with some green hues would compliment well; especially as he was wearing faux fur (having a lighter backdropContinue reading “Faux Fur Themed Portrait/ Fashion Photoshoot!”

Wedding Videography Melbourne, Registry Style Weddings!

Zoe & Jamie have been waiting ages since they both could tie the knot, and finally on the 4th of December this was made true at the beautiful Registry Style Weddings Melbourne! It was an honour to be able to witness and be apart of Zoes’ & Jamies’ day to capture their fondest memories togetherContinue reading “Wedding Videography Melbourne, Registry Style Weddings!”

Light Painting & Shutter Drag Portrait/ Fashion Photography!

During this photoshoot I again experimented with painting with coloured lighting and using a low shutter to drag the light, creating another set of creative portraits that I’m super proud of! I used the colours purple and red in seperate images to contrast with what the model was wearing. I also used a grey textured backdrop to seperate the modelContinue reading “Light Painting & Shutter Drag Portrait/ Fashion Photography!”