Bold, Clean and Colour – Orientated.

Portrait and Fashion Photography!

I describe my own work as bold, clean, and colour-orientated. I strive to come up with wild ideas and to grasp onto the inspiration I find and build upon that within my images. Additionally, it’s important to me to pose my subjects in extravagant ways, as I believe it compiles for a far more interesting image that’s captivating and provides for a strong and emotional connection with the viewer. As my favourite photographer Lindsay Adler once said, “in a world bombarded by images, I want the boldness to stand out. Do photographers capture a moment of the world or create one?”

Melbourne Fashion Photography
Melbourne Fashion Photography

Photography Session.

I’m always looking for more stunning models/ non-models to photograph and come into the studio! You will be pampered by myself who will be doing your make-up, hair and styling. You will then be photographed with professional backdrops and as many outfit changes as you like.  Every image will be professionally edited and given to you via a downloadable link. Get in touch to learn more about pricing.

Photography gives us the power to tell a story and invite others to adopt our perspective on the world, and that makes it really powerful.” 

– Mark Finn.

Creative Headshots.

I also specialise in creative headshots for any type of businesses who are seeking something more creative and unique that represents your business name. I don’t take your normal standard white backdrop headshots, I believe that every business has their own essence, which should be captured in an inventive way.

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